Taking Chances and Moving Forward

I feel like I’m in a bit of a perpetual disappear/update cycle on this blog, but hi again! It’s been a crazy few months for me, I’d say a period of rapid growth and change, but as things wind down for the holidays I feel that it’s time to keep you all in the loop.

Towards the end of the summer, I found myself feeling incredibly stuck and frustrated, both creatively and professionally. Come September, I took a trip to New York that allowed me some time for personal reflection but still left me feeling somewhat directionless. Upon my return to Canada, I began studying part time at a local photography college, hoping to boost my skills and regain a sense of creative purpose.

To say that the past few months have exceeded my expectations would be an understatement. First of all, and this could be a blog post in and of itself, I’ve come to realize the value of a creative community. Mentorship, constructive criticism, and support are without a doubt more valuable than any piece of software or equipment that I could ever purchase. Taking class gave me access to people that pushed me to be more intentional with my photography, to think more critically about my editing process, to develop personal projects and to combine all three of those attributes to create work that has impact. Taking class also pushed me to increase the sheer volume of photos that I took, and, as a result, boosted my technical capabilities. It gave me access to studio equipment that I would otherwise not have, and instruction on how to use that equipment to convey my desired message. Most of all, class reignited my passion for photography. That ignition, in and of itself, is worth the money spent on formal study.

Alongside my creative progress, the past few months also afforded me some professional development. I’ve had paid opportunities, and the chance to see my work in print alongside some truly incredibly talented artists. Grateful does not even begin to describe my state of mind these days. “Onwards and upwards”, as I told a friend recently.

The cover of the publication in which my project has been printed. Endlessly grateful.

In developing a personal project with the intention of submitting it for print, I’ve also come to realize the value in holding work back from the internet while allowing it to come to fruition in trusted circles. I’ve said it before, but art takes time. Digging deep in to personal experiences, and creating art out of trauma as a result, takes time. The internet can, and sometimes should take a backseat. Those who truly value you and your art will wait for your creations and support you along the way.

It’s been a wild past few months, my friends. I plan on increasing my course load next term, and hopefully accelerating my personal growth as a result, but we’ll see. Either way, I can’t wait to see where life leads me next.

Hope you’re all well!



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