Event Photographer, Lens Based Artist

I am an emerging lens based artist out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I continuously seek to develop my artistic capabilities while also working photographing portraits, local events, and live music. I attended both the Part Time and the Diploma programs at the School of Photographic Arts: Ottawa. I have been published in OPAL magazine, and shortlisted in the 2021 Visual Art Open Emerging Artist Prize.

I use photography to process my personal experiences with disability and chronic illnesses, as well as to engage with my passions. Over the years, photography has come to serve as the link between the art that I can create now and the art from which my disability excludes me.  My practice consists of digital photos as well as 8 x 10, 120mm, and 35mm film (black and white as well as colour). I often employ unconventional self portraits, experimentation and artistic perspectives in my work. 

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