The end of July and most of August is a bittersweet time for me. July 20, 2017 marked the beginning of 33 days in the hospital and some of the most difficult health challenges that I have ever faced, ultimately culminating in the placement of a feeding tube that I have to this day. Without that tube much, if not all, of the life that I now lead would not be possible. Despite these gifts, I resent the tube itself. I struggle daily to view this device as a bridge to my success as opposed to a barrier; a physical representation of all of the limitations that my body continues to impose. 

Over the years, photography has come to play an integral role in how I process and express my experiences with illness. Turning on my camera’s self timer and simply moving has become therapy in it’s own right, and on this particular anniversary I am choosing to try and honour the small medical device that saved my life. Over time, as I realize the equal importance of my emotions and the objects which keep them alive, I have come to supplement these self portraits with still life work. Cheers to you, feeding tube.

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