Holidays Have Changed

To be honest with you, the holiday season hasn’t really been the kindest to me in a while. It seems that nearly every year since I began high school, something happens to my health around Christmas. In some weird way, I’ve come to expect it, and dampen my own excitement surrounding the season in theContinue reading “Holidays Have Changed”

Catching up (ramble)

Hey friends, however many of you may read this, I feel like it’s been way too long since I last spoke to you. I find myself in an odd and slightly lost place right now, creatively speaking. I want to share my life and story here on my blog, but I don’t always feel thatContinue reading “Catching up (ramble)”

Just some thoughts

It’s hard to not get too caught up in your head when so much of what you create comes from within. Once you start looking within yourself, within your mind, for inspiration, it becomes difficult to switch it off. Where does one find the line between appreciating life as is, and trying to draw asContinue reading “Just some thoughts”