Packing up (Counting down to NYC)

Here I am, about ten months since the last time I visited New York, once again preparing to visit in the midst of some fairly major life adjustments. I am the same person that I was a year ago, and yet that past version of myself also feels like a complete stranger. If twice is a pattern, it seems that some part of me is drawn to the city in the aftermath of chaos. Perhaps it’s simply the refreshing change of scenery, perhaps it’s my own restless energy feeling comforted by a city that truly never sleeps, but I have yet to find a place that makes me feel more at ease with change.

Last time that I visited New York, while I was open to spontaneity, I had some vague plans. This time around, however, I have next to none. If last year’s trip taught me anything, it was the value in forging ahead blindly; in being open to new experiences and letting the universe guide me moment by moment. I’ll be in NYC for four days this time around and, aside from one concert, I have goals in place for my trip. Seeing a blank calendar has never been more satisfying, and coming from a self-professed workaholic that’s saying a lot. I’m stepping in to a bit of an unknown here, but I hope you’ll stick around for the ride. Let’s see where the next week takes us!

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