One Year Later

It’s been about a year since I left university with no significant long term plans, and I’m ok.

If living with unpredictable health has taught me anything, it’s how to accept the fact that, as humans, we control very little of the major outcomes in our lives. Illness happens, financial difficulties happen, and family and relationship difficulties happen; regardless of whatever “good”/”bad” decisions we may make. In many ways, it would appear that we have very little say in our destinies. Our main source of control, however, lies in our ability to choose our reactions to those situations and to use the situation to our advantage as fully as possible.

In many ways, by leaving university for a world of unknowns and what-ifs, I feel that I have opened myself up to playing a more active role in my own destiny. While this choice to leave was not initially my own so much as my body’s, I’ve come to appreciate it for the opportunity that it was.

As I have created my own path through this world throughout the past year, I ultimately have answered to no one but myself. I pay no high fees, leaving me with no obligations that I resent. I pursue my interests and opportunities as they present themselves to me, and fulfill as many goals as possible that are within my immediate means. I live independently, I have a pet, and I chase my dreams.

In the past year I have travelled and I have become a puppy-raiser. I have taken private music lessons, music production classes, and a music business class. I’ve taken advantage of YouTube and the knowledge of friends in order to learn more about photography, a long standing interest of mine. I’ve done my best to attend as many live music events as possible, and recently I began to learn about taking photos of said events. I’ve made an effort to write more, even if it’s only poems in a journal. I’ve come to recognize the importance of balancing meditation and self-reflection. I’ve made countless new connections, both in real life and online, and I am so incredibly grateful for every single one of them. Coming back to Ottawa when most of my old friends had left was more difficult than I expected, and you all made it feel like more of a home than ever. For that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Much love,


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