Stress and Soaking Up Sunshine

Hey friends! I’ve missed you all! Life has been crazy lately… I’ve been caught in a current of near constant productivity as far as work and school go, with not much if any time left for art or writing. As I find myself with a couple of days of breathing space, I wanted to take this moment to check in with everyone here and with myself, and to breathe in the beautiful sunshine that has hit Ottawa today.

How are you doing? Are you holding in any tension or anxiety? If so, where? I invite you to take a moment and join me in breathing peace into those spaces as you read this, incorporating all of the positivity and hope that warmer days such as today bring.

Personally I have been holding a lot of tension in my neck, as I hunch my shoulders quite a bit when I am stressed and/or extremely busy. Meditation has particularly been key in maintaining a sense of inner peace and grounding, as my schedule currently varies greatly from week to week and can occasionally be quite chaotic.

Working nearly every day for weeks on end can be extremely exhausting, but I am noticing an interesting phenomenon within myself as a result. Now, when I have a day off, I appreciate it exponentially more than I would have six months ago. Twenty-four hours devoted entirely to myself and my desires has become an absolute luxury, often spent simply walking with the dog and doing chores around the house that are otherwise neglected. Today, the sunshine on my face and a warm breeze felt nothing short of magical.

In the past year, since leaving Waterloo, I have noticed myself developing an even deeper appreciation for life and it’s many joys. I believe that my existence is full of nearly endless wonderful possibilities, even when I am forced down paths that I did not choose. I have discovered that there is beauty in all situations; sometimes we just need to shift our perspective in order to see it. Difficult seasons of life do not last forever, and inevitably we are eventually repaid for our struggles with successes beyond our wildest dreams. Sometimes that payoff takes years, sometimes that payoff takes days, sometimes the payoff is initially small, sometimes inconceivably large, but we are always repaid. I find myself repeating this mantra internally on long workdays as of late, and I hope that those of you working through exam season right now could perhaps do the same. Regardless of your test results, you will ultimately be rewarded for your hard work. If you find yourself disappointed, try your best to remain calm and wait things out. Another path, perhaps one that suits you even better than your current one, may be waiting to reveal itself. Be patient, be understanding, be kind. Your life is precious and beautiful as is, and no test result can take that away.

Much love to you all ❤


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