NYC Day Seven – Exploring Red Hook, Brooklyn

A couple of days ago, a man in a vintage store that I visited suggested that I visit a neighbourhood in Brooklyn called Red Hook. As today was my last full day in the city, I decided that it was time to take his advice and explore Red Hook. Sean, if by chance you do end up reading this, you were entirely correct in thinking that I would enjoy it. While the commute was around an hour from my hostel in Queens, it was more than worth it.

Red Hook is, as described by a few locals, less gentrified than a lot of the rest of Brooklyn. Inaccessible by public transportation save for two busses or a long walk, it maintains a grunge that some other neighbourhoods in the area have lost. In a way, Red Hook probably has felt the most honest of all the neighbourhoods that I have visited here. It doesn’t give the impression that it is trying to be anything in particular, but rather simply exists, quirks and rough edges and all.

As I was wandering around Red Hook and peering through store windows today, I stumbled across a small pottery and leather goods store. Realizing how gorgeous of a photo opportunity I had stumbled across, particularly given the overcast day giving beautiful diffuse lighting, I took out my camera and began documenting. As I took photos, I began to speak with the owners of the shop. We discussed Canada a great deal, particularly the ways in which it compares to America. I told them about some places that they should visit, and showed them some photos from my trip to British Columbia last spring. While I had considered exploring further, I ended up spending pretty much all of my afternoon in Erdem and Zeynep’s store. I have no regrets. Having meaningful discussions and forming new connections trumps seeing tourist attractions any day. As Erdem said, museums will always be around. Below you’ll find some unedited photos that I took this afternoon, I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do.

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