NYC Day Five – Talking and Wandering

No matter what city I’m in, I always somehow seem to find a way to make some meaningful connections. Last night, I decided that the drafty nature of my hostel room meant that I needed to purchase a sweater. In my search for a sweater, my first trip this morning ended up being to an REI Co-op. Conveniently the REI is located in Soho, a neighbourhood that I hadn’t seen yet, and so I had yet another opportunity to explore (read: get very lost and accept that fact). Once I had finally found the co-op and gotten my sweater, I decided to head in the general direction of Brooklyn; thinking that, since it was nice out, I would maybe check out Green-Wood Cemetery. While on the subway there, my mom requested that I visit, on her behalf, a vintage store that is in the same general area.

I thought that I would spend maybe thirty minutes in this store. I expected to see an interesting vintage collection and leave, not have quality banter and meaningful conversation with patrons and owner alike. I spent pretty much all of my afternoon in that store browsing and chatting. I live for meaningful connections, particularly new ones, and this afternoon was full of them. While entirely unplanned, I am so glad that I made the trip to that store. I left not only with a couple of bow-ties as well as a new hat and a stomach full of proper tea (take notes, America), but memories far more rich than anything that I ever could have planned for on my own. Letting go of control and just enjoying whatever happens truly can lead to the most beautiful moments. These smaller conversations and discoveries are the ones that I believe I will carry with me long term. These moments are the ones in which I am growing the most as an artist and as a person; learning and evolving in ways that I cannot pinpoint. I cannot wait to eventually return to these places as a new, better version of myself, and check back in with the people who unknowingly helped me get there.

Two of the lovely gentlemen that I had the fortune of conversing with today. Sean Crowley (left) owns the store that I visited (Crowley Vintage).


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