NYC Day Four – Grand Central and Rest

I’ve been really tired as the pain of yesterday’s tattoo caught up to me, plus it has been raining here, so I didn’t make any big plans. This post will be pretty brief, as I spent a lot of today sleeping and generally resting. I misplaced my phone charger at some point yesterday, so all I knew was that I would have to find an Apple Store to buy another one. Turns out, there’s an Apple Store in Grand Central Station. It was an ideal situation: I could get my phone charger, see a major landmark of the city, and not have to transfer Metro lines. As I entered the main terminal, I noticed a crowd gathering around some police officers in kilts with pipes and drums. I had forgotten that it’s Veteran’s Day very soon. I paused to pay my respects and watch the show, capturing some photo and video of the skilled officers’ musical performance as well as of the beautiful ceiling in the station.

I stopped in a coffee shop on Madison ave to charge my phone and get some caffeine in me as I was starting to crash pretty hard energy-wise. I then spent most of the afternoon napping and watching movies on Netflix, leaving only to get some snacks from a local grocery store. Today was all in all fairly low-key, which was desperately needed after a few high-energy days. I hope that I’ll make it to the Met tomorrow, or wander around Central Park (maybe both? who knows). Maybe it’s my ability to adapt to whatever environment I find myself in fairly quickly, but New York is starting to feel a bit like home. I’m falling more in love with this place and it’s people every day. There is no doubt in my mind that I’ll be back again as soon as I can, and continue to return so long as I am capable. This trip is turning out to be one of the best decisions that I have ever made for myself; I never want it to end.

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