Monthly Roundup: September 2018

I didn’t get a chance to make an extensive video this month aside from clips of my family, so September’ll have to just be described with words and photos. It was a weird, wonderful whirlwind of a month, mostly busy with work, exercise, creative pursuits and time spent with loved ones.

Once again, I found myself spending the beginning of the fall working instead of attending school. Having made the decision to take time to consider my true desires in life instead of steamrolling ahead with education, I am continuing to work for a small software company and creating art in my spare moments. I’ve begun to take singing lessons, in the hope of improving my voice to be able to bring my personal thoughts and poems alive with music. It’s lonely in a way, not being constantly surrounded by others my age but, right now, this path feels like the best one for me.

I’ve continued to make an effort to explore my city, often discovering new businesses through Instagram and then seeking them out on weekend adventures. This is proving to be a great way to meet new people and become more involved in my community. I rekindled an old passion for photography in doing this, finding another outlet through which to express myself. I really love the freedom that less formal education is allowing me, and am considering pursuing yoga teacher training in order to be able to continue to work and create simultaneously. I hope that maybe some day my creations will connect with someone and help them to feel less alone in their struggles. September has been a great month of continued self discovery, and my last one being a teenager. I cannot wait to see what my twenties bring.

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