Just some thoughts

It’s hard to not get too caught up in your head when so much of what you create comes from within. Once you start looking within yourself, within your mind, for inspiration, it becomes difficult to switch it off. Where does one find the line between appreciating life as is, and trying to draw as much meaning as possible from seemingly meaningless moments? Should we all just let these small moments exist in their simple joy, or look deeper and wonder why they make us as happy as they do? Does all this wondering ruin the moment? Before we know it, the moment can exist more in our minds than in does in the physical world. Is the intangible aspect of the experience any less valid than the fully physical one? Is it more meaningful? Should we analyze feelings, or experience them and then let them pass? We say to live in the present, but do we take ourselves outside of a moment by trying to experience it more fully?

We need to create and pursue goals in order to expand our horizons, be it creatively, athletically, spiritually, or professionally. However, I do wonder if they cause us, or at least me, to live even more in our heads. Constantly planning for an uncertain future while trying to enjoy the present moments, yet being aware of that effort, doesn’t leave much room for full experience. But what is a full experience really, in a way we live all of our lives in our minds. Maybe the key is just letting whatever will happen, happen.

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