Monthly Roundup: August 2018

Somehow August is done and summer is coming to a close already – how did that happen? It feels like ages ago and yet no time at all since I was rounding up July. In the past week or so it’s begun to properly to feel like fall; it’s about 15 degree celsius outside and drizzling rain as I start to write this out.

August was a busy one, as anyone who checks in here periodically might have noticed by my sporadic posts. I don’t know what I’d do without my photos and videos, honestly I can barely remember what I did yesterday morning sometimes. I mainly spent my time coaching PaddleAll four evenings a week while working three days a week testing software, the rest of my time spent pursuing music and other personal projects.

One of my long distance best friends came to visit from Montreal for five days, the longest time that we have spent together since I can remember. We’ve been friends for ten years, nearly all of that time over Skype calls and texts, and she is my rock. I got lost on the city bike paths by the Rideau Canal, and ended up with some lovely photos. I began climbing at my local rock climbing gym more regularly again, and sometimes got my timing just right so that I had part of the gym all to myself (best feeling!). I’ve been enjoying evening walks with my family, and have gotten many lovely sunset photos as well as seen parts of my city that I didn’t know existed. I spent a weekend in Montreal celebrating my little sister’s birthday exploring the Botanical Gardens, as well as walking in the Montreal Pride parade, and got super sunburnt. While in Montreal I played dress up in a store that was way beyond my price range, and generally explored the city. I went climbing at Montagne D’Argent with a friend visiting from Waterloo, and made several new friends in the process. I finished off the month with the Ottawa pride parade, and more coffee and exploring of my city with my family. I’m definitely looking forward to fall weather ahead, new projects to pursue, and seeing what the next month brings!

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