The Fortune of Heartbreak

Excuse the late night rambles, I hope this makes sense…


Maybe this is a strange opinion, but I believe love and, subsequently, heartbreak, to be truly amazing privileges. Those who manage to find themselves in situations where they can experience it are so incredibly fortunate to feel such strong emotion. Never do we feel more alive than when we care so completely and invest so fully in another human, and then the connection tears apart. Emotional pain so significant that we can nearly feel it in the very fibres of our being, that can only be captured in metaphors which compare it to extreme physical trauma, is a brand of beauty unto itself.

How lucky are we, to have oxygen coursing through our veins, allowing us to interact with the world around us? How lucky are we, to form complex connections with other beings, to care and be cared for? How lucky are, to have the energy, the cognitive capacity, the emotional capacity to mourn the occasional loss of some of those connections? How lucky are we, to be able to live, to love, to laugh, to lose?

It’s truly beautiful. The ups, the downs, the great times and the hard ones that we sometimes accept in exchange for them, are all beautiful. Heartbreak is awful, and we are so fortunate to be able to experience it.

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