Monthly Roundup: July 2018

July has been undoubtedly one of the busiest months that I can remember having in the past few years. This is in sharp contrast to July 2017, which was spent 50% in hospital and 50% in bed at home. I am working two jobs, one at a desk testing software and one “on my feet” coaching kayak in a program called PaddleAll, for people with disabilities, at my local sprint canoe club. In addition to this I have been pursuing various creative outlets including this blog, monthly video scrapbooks (see above), honing my guitar skills (now that my left hand is in a period of being less weak), and trying my hand at songwriting (maybe some will eventually see the light of day on here, who knows). I went to many live music events, particularly since the bar/coffee shop near my apartment has someone playing nearly every night. Though I didn’t think it was possible, I fall more and more in love with live music with every event. I started to get back into rock climbing in between everything else, though admittedly it’s taken a bit of a backseat. I’ve had some health crashes, but nothing so devastating that a couple of days at home cannot fix. Tube feeds are a true blessing, I will never be able to express enough just how much stability has come into my life from it. They say a picture tells a thousand words, so here’s a bit of the world through my eyes this month:

I hope that you all have had a lovely July as well, and, if not, that August brings you better days <3.

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