Creating, Creating, Expressing

Within the introspection that I mentioned in my last post, I’m finding a creative energy that I didn’t know I had. I feel myself realizing that I have life experiences that not many other young adults my age share, and that my life often takes several drastic turns throughout the course of even a few months, much less a full year. I have also realized that the young adults who do share my experiences are massively under-represented in creative spaces, and frequently entirely publicly defined by their illnesses when they are represented. As a result, I’ve started a few projects of sorts, intended to express my personal experiences of the past few years, document current ones, and maybe connect with other young ill people who wish to be seen as human beings who are as equally complex as their peers. If nothing else, this should provide me with virtual diaries to look back on. A few months ago, I started documenting and creating monthly videos, set to a favourite song I had been loving at the time. As many of the clips that make up these videos contain images of my family (who do not wish to be on YouTube), I’ve compiled some clips from the past few months into one video to post here:

You may have also noticed that I’ve been increasing the frequency of my blog posts, which I fully intend to continue doing, as well as increasing the frequency of my Instagram posts (@sabinagrossman, for anyone wondering). I’ve also been writing song lyrics, which I may or may not eventually set to music and post. My feeding tube saved my life, now it’s time to start truly living beyond the walls of hospitals. Whatever may come next, these posts should be interesting to look back on.

I hope that you agree ❤

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