Time (and music) Heals All Wounds

I find solace in music, and power in concerts. There’s something incredibly soothing about losing yourself in a strong beat; in turning the music up high and letting it wash over you, letting the rumble of the drums push out your thoughts. There is power in singing at the top of your lungs, even more so amongst a group of people; raw emotion shared on a fundamental level through the lyrics and the melody.


Oh Wonder: October 2016

I find healing at concerts in particular. In a crowd where barely anyone knows my name, interconnected through the music, I find new freedom. The limitations that I usually face, for that hour, are suspended in the twilight zone of sweat, smoke, and bass. In the dim lighting, nobody can see the tubing poking out through the top of my shirt, or the slim backpack strapped to me, holding my feed pump and bag. Nobody realizes my personal problems; they are all as lost in the moment as I am. All focus is on the band. In these moments, I find normalcy again, if only for a little while.

Music allows for healing at many stages: one can express anger, raw pain, even moments of joy. It allows for expression of the visceral moments of life in addition to the superficial. It allows humans to connect on a level that they cannot always express intellectually. It provides common ground for bonding. Music provides an escape: be it from the creative process itself, or from losing oneself in experiencing others’ creations. Personally, I find that when I truly lose myself in a song, I can momentarily let go of my own emotions and struggles, and experience those that the artist is expressing. If those emotions and struggles happen to be similar to my own, music can help me feel less alone.

Concerts provide the ultimate proof that I am not unique in my suffering. Hundreds to thousands of people, who also share those emotions, albeit likely for different reasons, join together in one moment of unity. In this moment, everyone at the venue is connecting with the music in their own unique way, together. It’s a beautiful experience, and I truly believe that with each one we all find an additional small piece of healing, no matter our scars.

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